How to Update Docker Containers on a Synology NAS (with pictures)

Kai Brooks
3 min readJan 6, 2021

Without losing your data.

Gotta have that hero image

Instructions on how to update Docker containers with a Synology NAS. I’ve been using Partkeepr for inventory management in an SMT line, and deployed it through Docker on a Synology DS220+ NAS, (which also runs data collection for the rest of the factory). Here’s how to do it with any container.

Just the Instructions

  1. Download new image from registry
  2. Stop the container
  3. Clear the container
  4. Start the container

The instructions again, but with pictures

Download the new image from the registry

0. Open Docker by clicking the Main Menu in the corner and then clicking Docker

Step zero
  1. Click Registry
  2. Type in the name of the container to update and Search
  3. Click Download
Steps 1, 2, 3

4. Select the Tag

Step 4

5. Wait for the system to finish the download, it will display a message in the corner, or in the notifications area.

Step 5
Also step 5, if the notification disappears when you’re not looking

This overwrites the old image with the new version. Now, to re-launch the same container with the new image.

Clear and Restart the Container

6. Click Container

7. Stop the container with the switch on the right

8. Once stopped, stopped, click Action and Clear

9. Restart the container with the same switch on the right. Docker loads the updated image when restarting the container.

Done. This method preserves any settings and data the container creates, and just updates the image the container runs.